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Agilecast - S01E08 - Achieving greater transparency with Kanban - Aranb Rajkhowa

The Agile Alliance briefly defines the Kanban Method as “a means to design, manage, and improve flow systems for knowledge work”. Kanban allows organizations to start with their existing workflow and drive evolutionary change. This can be done by visualizing their flow of work, limiting work in progress and embrace the concept of “stop starting and start finishing”.

Kanban is a tool to achieve greater transparency while upholding the agile values and principles. Transparency being one of the pillars of Empiricism, coming up with different ways to visualize the progress of a team have become an inherent need for all Agile teams. This empowers teams to see and assess the current state & pushes to think on what needs to be improved – holding onto the other two pillars of empiricism - Inspection and Adaptation. This has largely benefitted teams in identifying issues and bottlenecks faster, resulting into early resolution of impediments helping into reducing the “Cost of Delay”. Scrum, being the most popular Agile Framework, upholds the pillar of transparency and empowers teams by providing many tools to use within its framework. However, not all teams can best fit into the Scrum ways of working. This podcast includes a case study of how moving away from Scrum and embracing Kanban, with the same spirit of empiricism can help a team in improving delivery and bring a sense of togetherness across dependent teams.

Agilecast - S01E07 - Objectives and Key Results How to accelerate your business outcomes using OKR

In today's episode, we have Vineet Chachondia, Principal Consultant, (XACT- Agile Transformation Practices) expounding on how OKRs can be used to transform the business and align various teams to a single goal.

Vineet is a dynamic professional with 17+ years of experience Which includes Leadership Training, Agile Coaching, Scrum Master, Agile Transformation, System/Platform level DevOps & Release Management, Project Management & Business Development. He has worked on several transformation projects with Fortune 500 Clients.

Agilecast - S01E06 - Myths, Mysteries and Misconceptions of Scrum Sridhar Rao Diagala

In today's episode, we have Sridhar Rao Diagala, Principal Consultant, (XACT- Agile Transformation Practices) dispelling many myths surrounding Scrum and speaking on how to apply it in the right way.

Sridhar is a dynamic professional with 19+ years of experience Which includes Leadership Training, Agile Coaching, Scrum Master, Agile Transformation, System/Platform level DevOps & Release Management, Project Management & Business Development.

Agilecast - S01E05 - Why Proxy Product Owners are a popular way to build knowledge and capabilities

In today's episode, we have Pratyoosh Kumar, Principal Consultant, (XACT- Agile Transformation Practices) speaking about why proxy product owner are becoming popular inside organizations to add knowledge and capabilities of offshore teams.

Pratyoosh is an Agile Coach and Consultant with 16 years of experience in Enterprise-wide scaling agile transition for large multinational clients with teams spanning across geography and vendors. He has diverse IT experience in various roles such as Enterprise Agile Coach, Agile Transition consultant, Project Manager, Release Engineer, Team Lead, and programmer.

Agilecast - S01E04 - Anti patterns in Product Ownership - Pranav Barar

The product owner is the voice of the customer, represents the internal stakeholders, and is responsible for delivering the highest possible value to the business. Do you agree that the Product Owner is a pivotal role in bringing about the benefits of the Scrum framework? Do you understand the role in-depth and how it contributes to bringing out the best from teams?

Agilecast - S01E03 - How to work on Agile Transformation initiatives - Meetu Singh

In this episode, we have Meetu Singh Director XACT ( Agile practices ) sharing her 20+ years of experience and provide a simple 9 step framework for Agile transformations for both large and small organizations. She expounds on how true transformation is cultural in nature.

Agilecast - S01E02 - How to use Scrum with Production Support and Infrastructure teams by Mr. Raju K

There is a general perception that scrum can be used for development projects only!

In this episode of AgileCast Raj shares his real-time experience of using scrum with an infrastructure team.

Raju K is a multi-talented, multi-dimensional personality, he is a Professional Scrum Trainer, an Enterprise Agile & Flow Coach, and a Curator at #RawAgility

Raju is one of the most well-known people in the industry with several successful transformations for many Fortune 100 clients.

Do not miss this one!

AgileCast - S01E01 - Nurturing Communities of Practice for Evolving Organisations - Kalyanram

CoPs are an essential part of human societies, we inadvertently form Communities of Practices based on shared interests and skills.

Agile Organizations carefully develop CoP around their employees so as to maximize knowledge sharing, ease of operations, and work on innovations in an organized way.

CoPs utilize a variety of methods to develop their practice. These could include problem-solving, coordination with other members, discussing developments, mapping knowledge, reusing assets, and identifying knowledge gaps. The concept of CoPs is currently applied in various organizational settings as an important tool for growth, stability, and reduction of costs.

Learning is crucial to human identity, and when individuals actively participate in the practices of social communities, they learn and develop skills, stay connected, and motivated for longer duration of time.

Kalayanraman here explains how to actively and carefully inculcate CoPs inside our organizations and the essential factors that make them a central concept to push the growth of your team members and organizations.

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